Recorder Program

Welcome to the Recorder page!

This link is where you can practice and hear all the songs in your recorder song book.

The songs in your music book have the same numbers as the songs on the musicplay page.

You need to choose only one song in each colour to test (but you can practice as many as you like!)

White: songs 6 to 8

Yellow: songs 9 to 13

Orange: song 14 (only choice!)

Green: songs 15 to 17

Purple: songs 18 to 21

Blue: songs 23 to 26

Red: songs 27 to 30

Brown: songs 31 to 33

Black: song 38 (only choice!)

Beginners: If music notes and recorder fingering are new to you, then select the ‘Animated‘ tab before choosing the song you are practicing.

If you can already read notes, select the ‘Highlight‘ tab before choosing the song you want to practice:

If you need no help at all, just use the ‘Movies‘ tab.

Have fun and happy practicing!