Recorder Program

1. Recorder Playing Basics

2. How submit a video performance:

  • Record Yourself Playing at Home:
  • If you feel ready to test for a song, you may record yourself playing that song at home (using an iPad, camera, etc.), and send Mr. Douglas the video file.
  • You must include the following elements in your recording:
  • At the beginning of your video, say your name, classtitle of the piece, belt colour of the piece, and hold up your copy of the music so it is visible to the camera.
  • While playing your recorder song, the camera must be recording your fingers. If Mr. Douglas cannot see your fingers in the recording, you will not pass the song.
  • Submit your recording to:
  • Your name and the song title should be in the email subject line.
  • You may only test for one song at a time if you are testing in this way. You need Mr. Douglas’ feedback before you can submit another recording.