Band Program

BAND TEST – Next Wednesday June 5 and Friday June 7

What to practice

All measure numbers refer to Ayre and Dance.


measures 11-19 AND 49-57


measures 3-11 AND 41-49


measures 11-19 AND 57-65


measures 11-19 AND 49-57

Baritone Horn:

measures 19-27 AND 57-65


measures 19-27 AND 57-65


ALL INSTRUMENTS play Bflat Concert Scale

Snares: 1st four measures of BOTH RAIDERS and STAR WARS


 Whether your child has an instrument or not, all classes are considered mandatory unless your child is sick.

  • Please inform Mr. Douglas when your child is unable to attend. 
  • If you have difficulty getting and instrument, please inform Mr. Douglas. 
  • If you have barriers to your child practising at home, please inform Mr. Douglas so we can establish a practice routine at school.

For more information on the Beginner Band program in Burnaby please visit: