Band Program

Dear Band Families,

Grade 7 Band is on!

Due to pandemic related issues we’re having to make changes to how we start up our band program this year. 

Our district-wide First Lesson Night will be a virtual one held September 29 @ 7 pm. A link for this will be sent directly to your email.  Despite my earlier (a little too optimistic) message, UHE Band classes will start only after First Lesson Night – which means our first classes are Wednesday September 30 and Thursday October 1 @ 8 am. 

We hope all students will have their instruments by September 29 and for the first classes.

Information on how to procure an instrument will be included in the email about First Lesson Night.


Whether your child has an instrument or not, all classes are considered mandatory unless your child is sick.

  • Please inform Mr. Douglas when your child is unable to attend. 
  • If you have difficulty getting and instrument, please inform Mr. Douglas. 
  • If you have barriers to your child practising at home, please inform Mr. Douglas so we can establish a practice routine at school.

For more information on the Beginner Band program in Burnaby please visit: