Band Program

Dear Band Families,

Wow, our first classes with our instruments and making sounds together! This is the largest Band UHE has ever had (35 currently registered) and we even have a percussion section this year, too!


Please remember that parents are expected to supply an instrument for their Band student to be able to practice at home. This includes sticks and practice pads or snare drums for percussionists. If you are not sure how to get an instrument, or a practice pad, please contact me.


Classes are scheduled for 8:00 am start time on Wednesdays and Fridays for all students.


The new books should arrive next week. All beginner players are expected to purchase two books (First Semester Workbook, and the Arrangement Collection), while most 2nd and 3rd year members will only be purchasing the Arrangement Collection. The cost for both books should be about $15.

Don’t send a payment before the books are here. You will be able to pay with cash, by cheque, or use School Cash Online where you will find everything itemized. Our School Administrator is hoping most of you will use the online method.


Next week, there will be a schedule of times for students to practice in sections, or mixed groups at school. For families with barriers to practice (i.e., complaining neighbours) regular practice times at school are a must. These are great ways to get lots of time handling a new instrument and developing the language and habits of good instrumental playing. Often I am around during these studios times to guide and correct students.



  • Whether your child has an instrument or not, all classes are considered mandatory unless your child is sick.
  • Please inform Mr. Douglas when your child is unable to attend. 
  • If you have difficulty getting and instrument, please inform Mr. Douglas. 
  • If you have barriers to your child practising at home, please inform Mr. Douglas so we can establish a practice routine at school.

For more information on the Beginner Band program in Burnaby please visit: