School Growth Plan 2022-2023

Since opening in 2010, University Highlands has maintained school goals and objectives in relation to three themes: Community, Sustainability and Inquiry-based Learning. Each year we have examined our progress and looked for ways to become more sophisticated and effective in our pedagogical practices in order to support each of the learners in our school. We understand that evidence-based practices take time to learn, implement and show results. We have implemented initiatives in each theme area focusing on key questions to guide our collaborative work, with the intent to build and grow an innovative and dynamic school culture that offers students multiple ways to engage with teaching and learning. We welcome the participation of our community partnerships: Families, School District, the City of Burnaby, UniverCity, the UniverCity Community Association and Simon Fraser University.

Our plan is focused on ways of being in community that positively enhance student learning now and into the future, and therefore our measurement tools are largely qualitative, emphasizing teacher, student parent voice.

Goal 1:  Using the Core Competencies, students will increase their ability to learn, and effectively implement, self-awareness and self-management strategies that maximize their learning potential and ability to solve problems peacefully.

Goal 2:  Using the Core Competencies and the 5 Writing Traits as a guide, students will set personal writing goals to identify their strengths and areas for growth.

UHE School Growth Plan 2022-2023

Please note that this is an Executive Summary of our annual plan.  School community input is valued and important to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact