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Burnaby Schools MACC and BETA Programs


MACC (Multi-Age Cluster Classroom) is an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based program for high-ability learners seeking heightened cognitive and creative challenges in an inclusive and supportive community of intellectual peers. Students entering grades 4-7 in the 2021/2022 school year can attend the program at Capitol Hill or Suncrest Elementary Schools.   MACC Flyer 2020

The BETA (Bringing Exceptional Thoughts Alive) Mini-School at Alpha Secondary is designed for students in Grade 8 and 9 to enrich, challenge and support students who have demonstrated high potential, talent and ability. In an inclusive and supportive environment of intellectual peers, the students would participate in rigorous, complex, creative, cognitive challenges. Through engaging, in-depth, collaborative and self-directed study, they would have an opportunity to reach their intellectual, personal and social potential.  BETA Mini Flyer 2020

ONLINE APPLICATIONS for the 2021/2022 school year are available from October 9th – November 13th on the Burnaby Advanced Learning Blog. For more information and presentation: